Getting HACCP Training Online

Hazards Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) is a set of principles and guidelines which outline a methodical approach to food safety. Earlier, food safety was analyzed only after the product was prepared. However, unsafe food was often left undetected by this method. HACCP guidelines are used to identify potentially risky areas in the production of a food item, and recommends techniques for dealing with them.


HACCP training focuses on imparting the basics of food safety to candidates. Depending on the industry, it can also be specific. For example, an employee can be educated on HACCP guidelines related to distribution or packaging, depending on the nature of his work.

According to FDA regulations, all businesses involved in food production have to have HACCP certified employees. If you are looking to get HACCP training, but don’t want to go to a school, you should consider opting for online programs.

HACCP courses available on the internet are extremely affordable, which makes them an attractive option. The course content usually covers information on food safety, HACCP principles and the creation of effective data collection instruments. There are numerous websites which provide online training and certification courses which usually last for eight to ten hours. You will be able to find courses suitable for your specific sector as well. For example, Cornell University has an HACCP training program which is developed specially for the seafood industry.

If you are a part of the food service industry, online HACCP training programs allow you to earn necessary certifications while at work, or at home, without leaving your job. A lot of businesses opt to give their employees online training since it is more cost effective. The firm need not invest is expensive software which needs to be regularly updated. If you are looking to get certified on something that is relevant to your current job, you should consider talking to your manager to see if the firm is willing to foot the bill. By extolling the benefits of online HACCP training programs, you might be able to convince your manager to pay for the training of all the relevant employees of the firm.

When looking for online HACCP training programs, make sure that you only sign up on a website which is accredited to relevant agencies. If you get your certification from a website which has a bad reputation, it might prove to be useless.


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